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Thank you for visiting the Tunbridge Wells Reflexology Gift Voucher page.

We offer a wide range of gift vouchers and are sure you will find a voucher to suit your needs. You can purchase a voucher for individual treatments or for any amount of your choosing towards a session or package.

Just select your preferred voucher and let us know whether you want it for a specific treatment or a monetary value.

All vouchers come with a white envelope as standard. Coloured envelopes available on request.

All vouchers are supplied with either a leaflet about your chosen therapy or a self help card and a Tunbridge Wells Reflexology card.

Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase unless agreed otherwise in writing from us. They are non-refundable. Please be mindful of this when purchasing.

TW Reflexology Gift Vouchers
Which voucher will you choose?

General Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for any occasion. These are available in size A6

Reflexology Foot Chart

Voucher 1

Gift Voucher 1 foot and flowers with TWR logo

Voucher 2

Client receiving reflexology

Voucher 3

Love gift voucher with TWR logo

Voucher 9

TWR Gift Voucher Reverse

Gift Vouchers Reverse Side

Maternity Gift Vouchers

Many people purchase gift vouchers for family and friends who are pregnant. These are also extremely popular with work colleagues who club together to either buy treatments or packages (see here for prices).  You can find out more about reflexology when pregnant via our Maternity Reflexology page.

The images below show the 4 different styles specifically related to pregnancy. They are available in size A6 or size DL.

Gift Voucher with pregnant lady in meadow

Voucher 4

GV 11 front A6

Voucher 5


Voucher 6

GV 7 front A6

Voucher 7


Voucher 8

TWR Gift Voucher Reverse

Gift Voucher Reverse Side

Reiki Gift Voucher

Reiki can be a wonderful gift. Clients who haven’t had Reiki before are amazed at how it makes them feel. Those who already know and love Reiki are always grateful for a voucher. Clients remain fully clothed throughout and lie on a super comfy Reiki couch. Our specialist Reiki voucher is below.

Each voucher will come with a Reiki information leaflet and a Tunbridge Wells Reflexology business card.


Voucher 9

TWR Gift Voucher Reverse

Gift Voucher Reverse Side

Wedding Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a wedding gift idea? We’ve had a number of enquires regarding Gift Vouchers for weddings. Gift vouchers can be a wonderful gift and can be given to the recipient before the wedding day or as a wedding present to be used after the celebrations are over. The voucher can be redeemed for any of our offered treatments.

Some examples of how people could use our vouchers:

  • Friends, family and work colleagues could purchase individual or a course of sessions in advance of a wedding allowing the recipient valuable much needed time before the big day.
  • Couples may like to purchase vouchers for members of their wedding party. (They would of course need to be local to TW Reflexology or be able to get to us after the event.)
  • Friends, family and work colleagues could individually purchase gift vouchers for a specific monetary value and give the gift vouchers to the couple to use after their wedding.

Wedding Gift Vouchers are marked as valid for up to 6 months after the wedding date. If you’d like a personalised wedding gift voucher(s), we can do this too via the Personalised Gift Voucher Section below.

Seasonal Gift Vouchers

If you require a seasonal voucher we often have vouchers for Christmas, Valentines, Easter. Please contact us to find out more.

Personalised Gift Vouchers

Don’t see a gift voucher suited to your needs?  Why not get a bespoke personalised voucher.

Provide us with a suitable picture of your choice and we’ll make a gift voucher with the front image as provided by you. The information on the back of the voucher will be as the vouchers above.

We can do this for an additional £10 on top of the original voucher cost. The additional £10 covers your supplied image and for printing of up to 10 gift vouchers. All vouchers come with an envelope and are in a protective sleeve.

For further information, please contact us.


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