Advanced Facial Reflexology

What is Facial Reflexology?

Facial reflexology is a non-invasive therapy. It’s a beautiful and powerful treatment based on the principle that there are many reflex points on the face that are connected to all areas of the body. When pressure is applied to stimulate these points, it encourages new blood flow and stimulates the nerve endings to help balance the corresponding areas of the body.

The Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology was developed over 20 years by Ziggie Bergman to offer a profound healing experience. It combines zone therapy, healing techniques learnt from Native American Shamans and Asian body mapping and has all the holistic health benefits of foot reflexology with additional therapeutic benefits.  This combination of shamanic medicine, oriental medicine and the western medicines anatomy physiopathology and neurology provides the basis for this fantastic distinct treatment.  Ziggie says:

“It’s not simply reflexology in another part of the body, when you stimulate reflexes on the face it has an immediate effect because of the close proximity of the brain along with structural anatomical benefits for conditions such as. It can also be of benefit for clients and children with disabilities and we have seen remarkable results supporting children and teens with Autism, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome and Anxiety. Over a series of sessions you can even notice a reduction of  lines and wrinkles”

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Benefits of Facial Reflexology

  • Relieve stress and supports anxiety relief

  • Relieve muscle tissue tension

  • Relieve mental strain and improves concentration

  • Relieve sinus’s issues and congestion

  • Improve circulation to the face and head area

  • Improve lymphatic drainage

  • Rejuvenate skin and leaves face glowing and radiant

  • Induce a deep calm and relaxed feeling

  • Improve wellbeing

  • Promote a healthy glow

Zone Face Lift Facial Elixir

During your facial reflexology treatment, we we use the award winning Zone Face Lift Facial Elixir. This is the first facial serum to be specifically formulated for facial reflexology. As we work through your bespoke facial reflexology session you’ll find this Facial Elixir lifts your face and spirit and hydrates the skin. In many cases, you’ll find it has reduced fine lines and gives you a radiant glow.

Facial Reflexology Zone Face Lift Facial Elixir Serum

This Facial Elixir serum is wonderful blend of sacred plants and benefits from an amethyst crystal in every bottle. Where possible, the ingredients are organic. The whole Zone Face Lift range is vegan and not tested on animals.

You can purchase the Facial Elixir and the whole Zone Face Lift range directly from Tunbridge Wells Reflexology.  It makes a wonderful treat for yourself or as a gift – why not give it with a gift voucher for facial reflexology?

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Please note:

If you have received Facial Fillers or Botox, I am unable to provide a treatment until three weeks after the date you received it.

If you have undergone any face or neck surgery, I am unable to provide a treatment until three months after the date you received it – or six month is if there were any complications surrounding the surgery.

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